It's a big world. See it all. An EEV engine with best-in-class fuel efficiency makes Aruz the perfect car for hitting the open road.

All eyes on you and your ride. The Aruz features an aerodynamic body with distinctive accents that attract all the right attention.

*AV variant only.

From A to B and anywhere in between, there is plenty of thoughtful technology in the Aruz that makes driving fun and comfortable.

*AV variant only.

Soak in the comforts of a striking interior packed with purposeful features that make every trip an opportunity to treat yourself.

*AV variant only.

Aruz has space for all the things you're into. It offers flexible seating arrangements and generous luggage space on days when travelling light just isn't an option.

Advanced safety technologies help you detect and prevent potential hazards on the road, so you can feel confident every time you get behind the wheel.


On The Road Price With Insurance

Aruz 1.5L X – Automatic
RM75,218.15 (Solid & Metallic)

Aruz 1.5L AV  – Automatic 
RM80,355.95 (Solid & Metallic)

Personalise the aesthetics of your Aruz with GearUp® accessories. It's a dash of smart design that elevates the Aruz's sporty style.